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Later Asswipes.

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1Later Asswipes. Empty Later Asswipes. on Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:49 pm

Idoshen. Go get a job instead of dictating shit. I dont think you tell the coder and Iconner that "They are lucky to get admin because they don't do anything." Hense the name im sure they do something....No shit sherlock they do. You just needed to add the game to a DropBox. Oh wait! You said you did. You just didn't like me or trust me enough to add me to it. Saying you were in the team before me is a misconseption. I was there before you. Adding edit in and wiping the server so you can get a headstart wasnt good either.
Viktorious. Go get a life and stop being Idoshens bitch. Your like a dog in a way. You run after the bone. When your having a debate heres a tip. Dont say the same thing over and over again.
Niti. Im sorry it had to end this way but the whole server vs. me dosent end well. Anyway i dont like pricks like Ido and Vik. They are banned from what we are making whether you like it or not. Just becuase Idoshen bought the source dosent mean i didn't have it :3. I remember when you showed me your EMS 3 months ago and i told you to make something like this....Hope the game goes well for your sake bro. Stay cool bro.
Niro. Stay cool bro.
N:E community: I didn't really like the N:E community. I only like some. Arious, Dj, Niti, Niro, Greatness. That was it. The rest of you were dead to me.

Im not sorry if i sound harsh. I like to tell the truth you see. I think you could call it a habit. Don't bullshit people who have potential.

Peace Broskis


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2Later Asswipes. Empty Re: Later Asswipes. on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:15 pm

lmao you seem...mad

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3Later Asswipes. Empty Re: Later Asswipes. on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:46 am


your fault we are to cruel cant take the heat but so far you havent coded nothing or iconed anything lol
secondly i got job my personal life doesnt have anything with you.. also you where never he know one cares when u got the source ... also i dont get this part him saying he was here before me
bitch please ive been here for more than 3 years kid get your facts right and i got the source and started hosting on Oct 30, 2011 before you shoed up why u think your on this forum kid.
P.s Ponchito/Lord Hidan/Onmitsu/Idoshen was here (copied hoshen lol)

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4Later Asswipes. Empty Re: Later Asswipes. on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:51 am


Also Viktorian Has done more than anybody here if you have anything to say about him u got to watch it hes a way better coder than you would ever be....
Credits: Was there from the begining
also he coded everything u see nin game and niti and niro has done all extra icons

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