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List of arena abusing whores worrys shin dident do anything.

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Rogue Shinobi accepts challange from Uchicha Timmenrite!
World-(ShinGouki): DONT
World-(ShinGouki): USE
World-(ShinGouki): ARENA
LilxoscarCLIENT accepts challange from Uchicha Timmenrite!
Emiraya accepts challange from Uchicha Timmenrite!

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Idoooooooo ill fucking kiiiiiil u hoeeee... Uh i thought to wipe once i fix things.... But ur never online... Errrr.... Im dads farm ill be back in few days maybe a week once im at my pc ill fix that arena once and for all....

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Sorry i was working for a couple of days to have enough to keep my internet lol yesterday was my last day so ill be on more often now lol

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