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1UPDATES AND NEWS Empty UPDATES AND NEWS on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:26 pm

Oke, well, this will be the place where i put all the updates and news, unless Ido makes it as a separate place....but anyway, here are the last updates...
-Rate almost totally removed, about 0.1 xp max per kill now.
-Mission experience gained is little lowered too.
-Hotslots are F1-F8.
-Removed Admin Shield verb for admins.
...It's just small things i did yesterday. Here is what i will get ready for Wednesday to update:
1 Lower damage of few jutsus.
2 Add some sort of check to head admins protection, the thing that Lavitiz did.
3 Allow only me to use Create verb, and Idoshen to use Edit verb(maybe allow only Niti to have GiveEverything verb, for balance of head admins).
4 Fix sound(this may be done today when Ido is online, cause people can't use Sound dojo now cause of the bug...)
5 Possibly add 2 more jutsus, you'll see in game which one, it's a suprise. ^^
6 Probably add Check Updates verb in options, again similar to what Lavi did.
7 Maybe lower xp gain from missions while in squad, so that there would be no point in abusing the squad bug.
8 Add robes( Kazekage,Hokage,Sound leader,Sage,Admin robes ) that were made for Lavitiz version, but Niti will give them to us now.
*That's what gonna be added for next update.

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2UPDATES AND NEWS Empty Re: UPDATES AND NEWS on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:08 pm

I will be making red, and green colors for the headbands. If you have any other whishes about icons that NE could use, or upgrade some of the icons, let me know.

Contact me on my mail, or find me in NE. But i will not be making any icons for some time now. I am busy im my life.

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