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Some suggests plz read them :)

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1Some  suggests plz read them :) Empty Some suggests plz read them :) on Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:37 am

Hi guys i would like suggest some think about some powers that you can get if you are non clan and
suggest some new clans + some minor thinks

Haku clan: I believe Haku must be clan and not as now of course they going to have some more justus
Select Haku clan will give you the chacne from start of the game learn water/wind + clan jutsus but you will
not be able select any elements at all

Uzumaki clan: Uzumaki will have less skills and weaker than other clans but will have 2 great advantages
will start with kyuubi inside of them and they will be able get some Sage meditiation, Frog Kata and obtain every type
of rasengan
Skills: Seal movement: your next physical attack will make your target paralyze for the next 1,2,3,4 sec if you your next
attack miss or 10 sec pass you will lose the control of seal movement
Chakra chains: you will throw some chains if somebody being hited will be unable move for the next 1,2.5,4,5 sec but will
be able use jutsus if he use substition jutsu while is under chakra chains is going to escape chakra chains do damage based
on your nin
Chakra mode : you will need reach 60 level and kill kyuubi if you did that then you will be able learn chakra mode chakra
mode is naruto's form if you are under that form you will be able use yellow flash and bijoudama rasengan

Senju clan: as and haku clan will have their elements from start of the game but for them earth and water

Non-clan special powers :
Sage user: Sage meditiation : will boost your nin,tai and gen stats and you will need for use other sage skills
Frog Kata: your normal attacks will hit from 3 turfs away and your nin and gen boosts will be lessen but your tai boost will
be better
Double rassengan: for learn double rassengan you will have meet some requirements 1st of all you will need have your rasengan
at max level
then you will be able learn double rasengan double rasengan will deal rasengan damage x2 if you masterise your double rassengan
and at same time you have masterised your oodama rasengan you will learn double oodama rasengan
Sage Art Goemon: you will summon 2 frogs that one will split fire and the other oil and combined with your main element you
will throw a strong beam that will deal heavy damage based on nin
Sage Art Frog Call: you will throw out of your mouth some yellow circles that will do damage based on your gen and will
make unable run and will reduce your agility by 40% for 2,3,4,5 sec

Demonic Illusion Toad Confrontation Chant: After delay of 2 secs if your target is still on your screen will take heavy
damage based on gen and will be stuned for 2,4,6,7 secs
Passive skill: You will not need to learn it you will have it from start based on your 1st element when you masterised
your rasengan you will be able take a new rasengan that will comine your primary element with rasengan examle fuuton
rasenshurinken for wind element (

Oodama rasengan must be the next jutsu that you learn after you learn rasengan and rasengan must be on your non clan
skill tree
(everyone will be able learn rasengan and oodama rasengan but only uzumakis and sage users will be able take double
rasengan or double oodama rasengan and combine their element with rasengan for create one new form of rasengan and only
Uzumakis will be able learn bijoudama rasengan)

That for now on future i may uddate some thinks anyway i hope you like it and plz comment for your opinion

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2Some  suggests plz read them :) Empty Re: Some suggests plz read them :) on Thu May 03, 2012 2:01 pm


nice idea lol

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3Some  suggests plz read them :) Empty Re: Some suggests plz read them :) on Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:49 pm

1st of all would like thanks to idoshen for read my idea and com

New ideas : about how you learn rasengan non clan specialitys + some more thinks

Rasengan : as i say rasengan i beleive must be moved to non clan tree and not on your
wind element so for learn the normal rasengan you will have to found Jiraiyia npc if
talk to him and then you will be able learn rasengan sage users will not need found

Uzumaki as i say will have toril mode that will give good boosts and you will be able
use bijoudama rasengan and yellow flash but i beleive will be good idea for learn yellow flash
you will need first reach 100 agility and for bijoudama reasengan 100 str and 100 nin

Uchiha: For learn MAngkekayou sharingan they will need get to 30 level for EMS get 50 level
as Uchiha when you learn MS you will be able do some choices like Nin Based eyes Gen based eyes: nin eyes susano
will do more damage nd will have high range when gen will do smallest damage based on gen
and will haves small AOE range but at same time will be chances if you get hited
get under Tsukuyumi effects
Nin eyes: will get more Amaterasu forms when Gen eyes will get more Genjutsus
at same time nin eyes will give more boost on nin and less on gen
when gen more gen and less nin

boosts change: i beleive boosts must be inreased based on your normal stats and not a
simple + example if i have sage mode i will not take +40 str but i will take like 25%
so if i ve 200 str i will take + 50 str so boosts even on very late game will be usefull

Non clan specialitys :
power of youth:
Passive: you will deal 10% more damage with taijutsu and your agility will be irneased by 10%
all gates will be moved on power of youth
+ 6th gate 7th gate daytime tiger morning peacock and 8th gate
6th gate : will give 20% more movement speed and 20% more agility 20% more str and will make you able
use morning peacock
7th gate: will decrease your body flicker cooldown to 1 sec will inrease your str by 25% more
will make you able use daytime tiger that will deal heavy damage based on tai
8th gate: will give you crazy boosts but after the end of that gate you will die

Passive: hiting with swords will give 10% more damage swords will block 10% of incoming damage
+ sword jutsus will based on tai and on sword damage i dont have ideas right now sorry

Return of npc/pve giving a point on pvp
In my opinion most NE games right now was like i am stronger i was playing for many
hours so i can kill you but even if someone kill someone other wasnt a change on game
everythink was the same and most times newbies wasnt able train cause of that

so here is my idea:
Missions, winning wars, killing enemies, having more fields under control will level up your
Village if your village is more level npc of that village will be stronger and will
be some boosts based on village and on village level max village level will be 100

Academy student : newbies will not be able do any missions at all or somethink
Gennins: will get their Headband protector that will give some stats and at
same time will be able do missions
Chuunins: you will get chuunin vest that will increase your def
as chuunin you will be able do B Grade missions that will give more stats, exp to you and
exp to village
Jounin: as a Jounin you will be able start a invasion for fields by creating a full squad
and going on a map that isnt control by someone you will be able press invade and if
for 5 mins no other jounin from other vilalge come then you will control that area
if that area is under control of other village then kage must give permission
if for any reason someone going to defense that filed or go to invade them for hes own village then
a war after 5 mins will start so that field will be closed to anyone who want to go
for the rest 20 mins will be a fight until everyone from one side die or retreat (retreat means go out
of field so you are unable return) or until 20 mins pass if 20 mins pass the side with the most
kills win

Anbu : same power as jounin but they will get and anbu mask that mask will make themm able
giving a code name so others expect your village kage will not see your real name more stats
than Headband protector
Kage: will take Kage hat more stats than everythink Kage robe that will give even mroe stats and
at same time will be able inrease ranks decrease ranks promote demote so everythink they already
do + diplomacy

Diplomacy: Normal : that village isnt enemy but not friend you can kill someone from that village
without problem and get small amount of exp
Peace: must both kages agree then that village will be under peace make each village unable take
missions that will give order assasinate persons from the other village but at same time will be
unable help the other village with wars and on winning wars you will not get exp

Alliance: must be agreed by both kages if one member from alliance kill other member from alliance
will be the same as if you killed someone from your village so -10% exp at same time you will
be able help your allinace on a battlefield/war and that will give you exp if your ally win
but smallest amount and if your ally lose you will lose exp but again smallest amount
from that your ally will lose

War: if you are under war with some village then you will have kill all ranks above genin
on view because that will give bonus exp to you but at same time exp to your village
for a war start need just one kage set it but for a war stop and go into normal state peace
or even ally you need both kages
but if a genin or above die by someone enemy your village will lose exp

village level and current exp or exp for next level is able seing by only the village kage
and gms
(Village area/fields isnt able get captured by other village )

NPCS: based on your village level your npcs will be stronger and maybe being inreased
at same time if npcs see someone from other village that your village has normal state
or war will attack him
Max village level will be 100

New training method + max level being added :
max level will be 100 but with that way someone training stats until 100 will be
stronger than someone killing people or missiong so i will explain how that will stoped

Missions: based on rank wil lgive more exp and more stats
D: missions as already is
C: grade kill animal npcs or found rare materials
B: grade: scout missions or kill non village npcs
A: grade: assasinate other village members that is Chuunin + or npcs
S: grade: only kage can give that missions and you have assasinate enemy village kage

Stats: nin will be con Tai as now Str: Def Dur Gen: Int
diferences ??? Yes: Con will give chakra and nin when Str: Tai and hp Dur Def and hp
Int: Gen and Gen ressist (decrease gen effects or make them no have effect at all)
agility wil lstay as it is but will give and movement speed
1stat will be 1 exp as now but the max stats you will be able take will be based on level
meaning max stats for each level will be the exp you need for get level + 10
so if i am level 1 all my stats together will be able get on max 20
on level 2 will be 42 and like that
so at 100 level everyone will be able have same stats
so on 100 level max stats all together will be 100 x 10 + all the exp you needed from 1 level to 100

On level up you will get 3 Stat points that will be able inrease stats more than max
so on 100 level you will be able ut 300 more stats (dur,agi,str,con,int)
+ 1 skill point
1 skill points + 500 ryo will be able changed for 2 Stat points by some trainers

Weapons , gears:

weapons and gears that inreasing stats will exist

That for now i hope you like it Smile

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4Some  suggests plz read them :) Empty Re: Some suggests plz read them :) on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:50 pm

Akatsuki : Akatsuki leader will be the 1st person who reach S rank criminal and found akatsuki Hide out akatsuki will have 1 person that will give missions to missing nins and akatsuki missing nins and akatsuki doenst have fields diplomacy but they have crazy boosts

for s rank criminal you will need be at least 60 level + a lot of bounty

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