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11/28/11 Updates

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111/28/11 Updates  Empty 11/28/11 Updates on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:04 pm


-Rate almost totally removed, about 0.1 xp max per kill now.
-Mission experience gained is little lowered too.
-Hotslots are F1-F8.
-Removed Admin Shield verb for admins.
...It's just small things i did yesterday. Here is what i will get ready for Wednesday to update:
1 Lower damage of few jutsus.
2 Add some sort of check to head admins protection, the thing that Lavitiz did.
3 Allow only me to use Create verb, and Idoshen to use Edit verb(maybe allow only Niti to have GiveEverything verb, for balance of head admins).
4 Fix sound(this may be done today when Ido is online, cause people can't use Sound dojo now cause of the bug...)
5 Possibly add 2 more jutsus, you'll see in game which one, it's a suprise. ^^
6 Probably add Check Updates verb in options, again similar to what Lavi did.
7 Maybe lower xp gain from missions while in squad, so that there would be no point in abusing the squad bug.
8 Add robes( Kazekage,Hokage,Sound leader,Sage,Admin robes ) that were made for Lavitiz version, but Niti will give them to us now.
*That's what gonna be added for next update.

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211/28/11 Updates  Empty Re: 11/28/11 Updates on Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:59 pm

This is another small update we made before the "real" one, more like a filler. These are the updates:
-Lots of jutsu balancing, and among them there are dragons that will now be more based on nin and str than pure power...Also boosted tsukiyomi a lot, the way it deserves.
-Again lots of jutsu balancing, but not nerfing/boosting, only cooldowns fixing, cause some were just too low for some jutsu and some were just too earth release mud river or whatever , it will have bout 3 times bigger cooldown, same goes for sleep stun. Hopefuly they won't be spammed no more. I did bout 10 more fixes to cooldowns, i forgot what i did, but you'll notice in game if something has changed...
-Fixed sound, now when you enter dojo and get out, you won't be teleported to other 'fake' sound village. But i just heard that there is another location from where you get teleported to fake sound, the weapon shop, so i edited warp turf to be one will be able to get lost in the fake one since there isn't any way to go to there now, i think. I'll just totally delete the fake sound in the next update, which will fix the problem...
-Coded Niti as admin, not much of update but meh...

That's it for today's one will be on 30/11/11. Stay tuned ^^

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