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OverPowerd Jutsus / Jutsus Need Buff

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1 OverPowerd Jutsus / Jutsus Need Buff on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:29 pm

sTheir is always going to be a OP jutsu or Needed Buffs in the game that we can agure about in here.

Indicate the name of the jutsu or describe it if unknown.

How is it OverPowerd? Too much damage? Short Cooldown (Spammable) Mabye? or Vice Versa.

Just remember that it does matter what level you and him are because if you started and level up a few, and you fight someone much higher and their skill 1 hit you. Well yea.


Chakra Steal:

This takes away chakra from you opponent and gives to the user. 1 Skill Point.

-This thing can be SPAMMED, it dosen't matter if you rest he can use this every 10 seconds, it also stuns you so you can't do anything and are helpless, it also takes ALL your chakra away.

Water Element:

Their some water element that seem to do too much damage and even a begginer can kill someone with decent hp. The one that shoots a foward 2 tile water jutsu can trap you and even one hit you.


If the person has lots of Nin and uses bugs on you, that could be a 1 hit if you have low health. It did 1.5k damage to me with someone with 80 Nin. Its pretty much like Amat but this one STICKS to you.



The damage is ok I guess but it takes alot of your hp and chakra so you pretty much dead. Damage is decent but not enough to match the recoil the user gets. Any way to get less recoil from using? and mabye able to last longer cause if player moves it dosen't even do damage.

Umm...When you the last stage of the sharingan it takes ALOT of hp from you almost 50% and only lasts for a minute? I don't know how you make it last longer but not sure if more uses does. Any way to give less recoil to user and mabye even last longer or just one of this.


Awesome skill lol. Not sure if sasuke susanoo will come later but this probaly need damage boost I have almsot 50 str and when it attacks other players their hp ain't really dropped much so I am guessin this does 10-50 dmg? Could it last longer as well and mabye make it attack all around not just infront if its not already done x.x


LOL I saw someone use this and it took a little hp away is their any way damage could be boosted even a little? Not much because I noticed its DPS and the damage does stack!

Thats all for now but if I see any more OP or needed buff skills I'll let yall know xD

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2 Re: OverPowerd Jutsus / Jutsus Need Buff on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:28 pm


fixed some water nerfed water collision
bugs are also nerfed we will see how this works out
susano we have the icon already made just need to add it in game and center it right will wait for our coder
amatsuri is good lvl 100 nin will do i belive 1.3k damage
others will be supervised to see if they need to be nerfed or powered up chakara leach might get nerf depends first time we get a complaint about it from all my years of playing NE xD
and thnx for posting this up this can be where people come and tell us about the justsu and stuff lmao

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3 Tsuki a little to strong. Lol on Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:29 am

I need to show admin in game.

Tsuki at level 1 does crap damage.

I noticed it was doing more damage each level, and finally its level 4.

I remember Vik saying he boosted Tsuki. Mabye he did for level 1 but was a bit to strong at level 4?

Acer said it did 4k damage but would like to show a admin~

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