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If you dont know about you can still play

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Ok first to the new comers....

Welcome to Naruto Evo!
How we returned. We have bought the Naruto Evolution source to bring you back all the lovely gaming experience that you had trough out the game.

This game will be now led by a new staff team, (Idoshen, Viktorian, Niti, and Niro)
Our staff members will treat you with great care and make sure you will still have your gaming experience to the max! Problems? If there are any problems please contact the owner or make a comment in the comments section or visit our website

This ressurection of Naruto Evolution will result in that everybody has to start over, but we'll make the game more fun with all kinds of events and even more! Now here are some of the rules that you will need to hold on in-game and out-game on the HUB and/or on the forums:

-1. No swearing
-2. No sexual talk, there are kids playing this game.
-3. No death avoiding, this will lead into a ban.
-4. Don't ask for any rank in the staff team or just any in-game rank, except if you meet the standards.
-5. Keep it fun!

Any Naruto based characters are property of Namco Bandai, CyberConnect2 and TV Tokyo, and other copyright holders of the Naruto Anime, Manga and/or games.

We are not affiliated with any of the other games based of this source, we legally bought it of one of the owners (One of Tadahshis team members) who bought it of the official owner " Credit goes to: YutPut, Sph1nxel, Crazah and Reformist ". Also Niti and Niro for our new icons added in game

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2 on Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:33 am


I will be updating this recently to help new visitors from people that dont know about byond

In order to play you will have to go to

on the home page you will find a little button that says download byond 4.0
if you cant find it here's link for ya'll lazy ass. lol

Pick your version of pc being used
and once you finish downloading it and also you will have to make an account on byond its free unless
you want member rights. You can still play without being a member.

After you finish downloading it.
all you have to do is visit the Website/Hub where the game is.

you can also visit my page and Fan on it thanx lol

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Will also be adding pictures and videos as advertisemenet as example of the game for new comers.
later though im tires and im been updating the forums lmao

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WTf I don't know what happened the the comment, but if you can do some, it''ll be cool to make some pictures lmao

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