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Sunagakure - Rank Requirments

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1 Sunagakure - Rank Requirments on Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:16 am

Okay, so alought of people have been asking me "What is the requirment for ____?" Well here is your answer(s). (Genin) - level 5. (Chunin) - You must pass the written test, have genin, beat one person and pick up scroll in the FoD (Forest of Death.) Then beat your opponent in the 3RD part of the exam. (jonin) - You must have chunin, level 25, 75+ ninjutsu. (ANBU) - you must have chunin with 105 ninjutsu or jonin with 100 nin. (Kazekage) i will give you permission to challenge me for "Kazekage" once a day per Key, if i find out you used another key to fight me i will boot you from village for 2hrs, no exscuses. Finally, if you fail to follow my Rules (which will be in my next topic) you will have only 3 chances with me, if you use up all of the chances you will not get back into Sungakure as long as i am Kazekage. Sorry to be so rough, but its my job xD. ~sincerely Kazekage~

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