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Mission Rank S Idea

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1Mission Rank S Idea Empty Mission Rank S Idea on Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:22 pm

well i got an idea about missions idk if u guys can do it maybe its too hard, maybe not anyways i think there should be S rank missions Very Happy that send u to kill Anbus, Kages or Akatsukis (like A missions whit missing nins) and it can give like 7 exp each one?.

PD: A rank missions should send u against enemy villages, not only missings cuz right now in game there is only 1 missing called striker that barely connects to game so its kinda impossible to do A rank missions.

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2Mission Rank S Idea Empty Re: Mission Rank S Idea on Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:43 pm

sounds good, maybe akats ,and kages, but first lets get a b rank mission and fix the stats it gives on c rank cause i get the same amount of exp for c ranks and d ranks...

so far missions go
Drank : weeds,npc exp you get =2,4

crank:green beans or w.e xD/pinkish hard to find weeds
exp it gives 4(should be 6)
rank :Genin +

Brank = none maybe make it,protect a certain npc to a certain village like for example you go to Aiko,talk to him and click ok then a copy(so people who do npc missions can still turn in aiko missions xD) of aiko follows you and you have to take him all the way to leaf or suna or sound
Exp it should give 8
Rank= chuunin +

Arank = kill some random person online(this inclues akats ,kages)

exp it gives = 6(should be 10)
Rank=Anbu(should be jounin,i could be wrong it could be jounin right now xD i always go from chuunin to anbu so xD)

S rank:(maybe make it team based xD)kill a akats member , or kill enemys kage

exp =15 or maybe more

Rank required :Anbu +

Theres always allot of good suggestions but can't expect for them to be added ussally admins already have an idea of there own Razz

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3Mission Rank S Idea Empty Re: Mission Rank S Idea on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:44 pm

Hoshen! You have SO many good ideas.
Sabaku, i also like that S rank idea.

But Hoshen? Your Arank and Srank seems kinda the same? We gotta make it, so Arank CANT kill kages, and akatsukis. Thats only for Srank ^^

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