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Summoning jutsus

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1Summoning jutsus Empty Summoning jutsus on Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:01 am

well i made this thread on last forum and thought i'd continue it (just cause i liked it)and continue to post my work

if any of you didnt read it here it is Very Happy

(this is copy and paist from old thread)

i was thinking of Summoning jutsus and if the Artist atm don't have time to work on the art ill be more than happy to make it for you guys.
The Way You gain them is like the way you gain 2nd element you get to choose between your Summons,Atm im working on Toads,snakes. but i plan to make Salamanders,Turtles,Monkey,Slug, Hawks,and maybe dogs MAYBE. but my goal is to draw up 4 of them up and admins can choose to use them.i will also add the jutsus...
The way Summons would work.

You get a Jutsu tree with 5 jutsus to unlock 1st will be your mountable Summon,2nd your puppet Summon From puppet you can buy its 2 jutsu and the player Power state (sage mode , curse seal)

as shown below

Summoning jutsus List10

Mountable Summons and Puppet summons will look exactly the same ,only difference is the mountable does not fight and the puppet does.

Here is the mountable toad im working on i have its Forward movement ,and standing still.
Just need sides ,Backwards,Getting pushed (the way players look all weird and flashy when they get hit by gravity push and pull) and takeing damage.

Summoning jutsus Frog_310

2nd version

Summoning jutsus Toad_111

forward moveing
Summoning jutsus Frog_110

Summoning jutsus Frog_210

i gave it a basic coat of paint of course the paint job its not done it needs more warts and maybe add a belt or something make the arms more bigger etc..
the way you unmount players is to hit them with pretty much any hard hitting jutsu Example Great Fire ball or Chidori Jinrai. the players get the Gravity push animation and the mountable summon vanishs like the animation of kawa.

Puppets Mounts act exactly like a puppet would act. you control them with a modifier (alt,Controll ,Or shift) im going to make them a Ground pound slam and a punching slam (bite and mega bite for snakes)

please excuse any grammer errors im half asleep xD

heres a puppet standing still ...with a belt i made in like 2 mins xD

Summoning jutsus Puppet11

back of mountable ( i know the marks are REALLY uneven i made this while i was asleep havnt fixed it )

Summoning jutsus Puppet12

(i did it fast ill make it even tommorow and fix the feet im so damn sleepy ) xD

stuff i forgot to add
If you do Alt+d(or w.e modifier the admins choose) you summon will teleport on you and take all damage for 15 seconds then disappear(even in stuns)

Cool down for Puppet summon = 30 mins (there big if people can spam them = massive lag)
Mountable puppet = 5 mins seeing as they just move around and dont attack.
make it hard to get. make it lvl 100 or 75 or something don't need low lvls spamming this.

make these jutsus cost allot.
Maybe money or make it a certain lvl like 70 or 80 . Dont make it a tournament tho cause then people will beg nonstop for them.


ATM im working on snakes

then ill finish toads

basically my plan is Toads,snakes,slugs atm im thinking of makeing the summons certain class of summons like

Toads = Tai/nin (Attacker)
Snakes=Agility/gen (Stunner)(LONG cd on stun ofcourse)
Slugs=Hp/chakra/health (tank Live longer,maybe reduce your attack tho sounds op tbh xD)
(not stat bonus just the way there attacks and the way they are played,maybe power stae bonus but thats for admins to decide)
while i know some of this sounds op there jutsus should have al ong cd

i've finished more then half of snake but i dont want to show it till its completely done but for snake

in order :Mountable summon ---Puppet summon----the Taijutsu(Strangle) Jutsu (poison Bite)
Power mode --- Curse Seal

for slugs:Mountable summon---puppet summon---the Taijutsu(Hp/chakra Leech suckSuck) Jutsu :Slug babies( small slugs that heal you)--- Power state : not sure its name but its that one jutsu tsunade used against orochimaru to heal her self or w.e

i also want to add Salamanders but ill finish Snakes and Toads then you guys can vote what the 3rd Summon should be also the power state seeing as i only know 3 xD Tsunades heal thingy,curse seal,sage mode xD

i just thought of something better

You unlock it at lvl 50 and get mountable for free then to buy Puppet = 25 jutsu points its --Tai jutsu 10 --Jutsu 15 --power state 20.

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