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Oke, that's enough...

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1Oke, that's enough... Empty Oke, that's enough... on Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:12 pm

This forum is more alive then Crazah's. Just noticed, that you are hosting the game again Ido. But why? This game, cannot be completed. Whether you like it or not, that is the truth. Even if you would get 60 players on, i would not play it. It gets boring. Nothing to do. All people wanna do, is being the best and strongest. All they ever train, is nin. Sure, some train str. But thats after they used the shadow clone bug, to get high def and agility. You gotta add something you can do that is fun, without haveing to be strong...
I haven't been online so much, so i don't know really what happend. But as i can see, Haruka must have had a fight with Vik and Ido. Personally, i saw you guys more as internet friends then as a team. Back when i was working on Abunai, we had exact time momment to be online, and what to do. Like going to school and get homework. This was more... "Today, i will make this. If i bother." It was fun, sure, but in the dev. thing? We didn't do THAT much, as we could have done. Lavitiz did alot. He is a great programmer. It was amazing to work with Lav. But here is my stop on N:E. As said, this game cannot be completed. At least not by you guys, or me. So im taking a break from BYOND. I already am taking a break from it, since im almost never online, but this is just to tell the others.

Thank you for all the great time we had.
I will check the forums if i get time, or in the mood for it.

Well, take care everyone.
---------------------------------- > Niro <----------------------------------

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2Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:34 pm


Miss you niRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you will see us complete it if haruka can calm down.....

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3Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:54 pm

Ehh, ok. Good luck. I would icon for you guys, but since there are SO many in the base, i don't bother doing it. Takes so much time...

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4Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:56 pm


It's ight alot of people are asking for the base i might end up posting it up in the forums in a zip for people to download and make there own clothe good idea

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5Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:08 pm

Naah. Keep it. But just.. Idk. But don't release it

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6Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:40 am


Although i do agree about N:E but really all games are like this

examples :
wow- get top rated gear

Runescape- 99 skill in everything

SWTOR- lvl cap

really in the end these games all have a lame ending and are really never finished there are always expansions and or updates or new lvl cap added in the end tho its really all the same this is the fate for all multiplayer games.

but N:e is unique in my opinion, yes sure people train nin and what if you are the strongest, its not if you will be the strongest, its more the lines of how long will you be the strongest people are always training fighting missioning geting stronger while you sleep or at,idoshen,vik,niti,me and many others have all been top player of N:E in one point that is why we are here to try to give other players the chance to have their moments have their battle have their spots as leader of sand , mist ,sound ,or leaf or be a ruthless rogue or be the leader of a devastating organization and even add in new things that the old version didn't have maybe make it better? no other game gives you this experiance there's no lvl cap there's only dedication.that is why i'm extreamly excited to be able to icon i have allot of ideas and if vik can code it in you bet your ass im going to draw your right this game probably wont be completed but so what as long as it gives us a adventure.

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7Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:49 am

I see what you mean. And i understand you completly. But what i think N:E needs, is a big change. So it gets different from Crazah's N:E. Cause i think that it's possible.
But what N:E also needs, is like.. A random battle system. Like, idk.. Just that it can be a gamble to play that battle. Ofc, keep the normal battle system, its really epic. But add a place, where it doesnt matte if you have 120 nin or 10. Make a random battle system..Kinda.
And not to have a sad ending, N:E needs, some quests to do. That would be really epic. Like missions, but also include The Fedual Lord. Maybe try adding new clans, like Kakuzu ability.. Just give him 1 jutsu from every element? xD and NPCs are actually good to have. But they gotta be fixed ofc. And not too many of them in the game.

Thx for spending your time reading this.
- Niro

PS: Miss you too hoshen! Sad

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8Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:16 pm

i don't know viks lvl of codeing skills but i have ALLOT of ideas once im done adding swords ( which is about 20% complete finished sword base but i still have to bring up all the clothing up to date and add in swords) im making summonings which you have seen , then wood style , and other fusions imo that's what needs more i was into bijuus but i think bijuus are a dumb idea such a big project for only 9 people to benefit from it. i would rather add in options people can choose from. like forexample seeing as it takes longer to lvl at lvl 120 you get to choose your summoning animal or something.

also we are adding in 1 v 1 arena ( its in but extreamly bug ,why it hasn't been taken out is beyond me) but its a interesting idea and once vik fixes the bugs it will be awesome

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9Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:09 am

Hm................................................... intresting but i would have to dissagree, this game is really evolving since when the first time i ever played N:E, i dont even think they had san dback then, you couldn't do anything because it was soooo easy to level. i think what they are doing is good, just try to contact them and give them suggestions, they'll listen

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10Oke, that's enough... Empty Re: Oke, that's enough... on Fri Feb 03, 2012 8:23 am

Ye. That was the problem. Too easy to lvl. And btw, i can contact them whenever i want to, lol. And i know, that i can join the team again, cause this team is a really amazing team. And Hoshen is doing a great job, adding swordslashing into the game. I agree, that this is the best rip in BYOND, but since there are SO many icons in the base, im too lazy to work days, cause i don't have so much time anymore. Maybe, actually try to remove some of the useless icons. That would be great....

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