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1Hyuuga Fixes Empty Hyuuga Fixes on Wed Feb 01, 2012 11:12 am

Well, the main problem with hyuugas is that they do no dmg...i know about the chakra loss, yeah yeah...gentle fist taijutsu, but i think i have a way to balance it out.

currently at like 80 str, eight gates assault does less than 300 dmg and takes all your opponents chakra...64 palms does about 130 dmg and does the same thing

i say....chakra loss should be halved, and damage to be increased alot. no other clan has dmg that low :\

also, mountain crusher does about 330 dmg, so i think all their jutsu need buff. (not empty palm or heavenly spin though)

to balance out the higher damage further, byakugan could drain a small amount of chakra while in use. (like 5-10dps to chakra)

that would encourage smarter play, less chakra drain hax, and moar fun lol

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